Hills Residence

2016 - 2017
Interior architecture
Materialising silence

A house surrounded by nature, the interiors of which have been conceived as a temple devoted to spirituality and contemplation. A place of peace which expresses simple, timeless elegance, able to settle the eternal conflict between artificial and natural, man and creation, terrestrial and celestial.

The living area, core of the project, is a pure volume of air enclosed within massive natural stone walls and flooring. An almost primordial space dominated by a mighty stepped wall that integrates the various different functions in an abstract monomaterial geometry. The only exception is a large bronze lost-wax cast bowl resting on the steps into which water flows, just like an ancient source. Water that becomes an architectural element balancing the heavy mass of stone and cast bronze that almost seems to want to freeze its reflections and ripples in an eternal reflection.

All the functional elements have been carefully hidden from view so that the ostentation for technology succumbs to the matter and strength of natural elements. Italian limestone from carso left raw, hot coated lost-wax cast bronze and natural wood define an essential material palette which evokes the earth and its warm nuances.

An architectural treasure chest of matter and light, a place able to amplify the soul, in which visual silence gives space to the spirituality and subjectivity of those who live here.