Lake Residence

2011 - 2013
Interior architecture
Como, italy
Pursuing eternity

The interior of an ancient dwelling on the shores of the lario lake has been turned into a place that challenges the whirling motion of modernity and aspires to the eternal. A place for the spirit, in which past, present and future coincide, a space able to create primordial emotions and sensations.

Statuary marble and lost-wax cast bronze become depositaries of the desire to fix time in archaic forms, raising the project to a work of art and spatial installation. Mighty walls in cast bronze define the interior spaces by marking the architecture and main functions through a rigorous geometry, whose quiet abstraction and sculptural presence express the power of matter and its ability to entrap vegetation.

Bronze becomes a fossil reflection of both the landscape and surrounding nature in an infinite dialogue between interiors and exteriors. The bark of the trees, colours of the forest and mountains surrounding the house are echoed in its materic texture and patina. Chromatic and materic counterpoints to the dark bronze are the furnishings and floors made in statuary marble which, in its fluid, abstract materiality, seems to bring the reflections and ripples of the lake into the house.

Architecture reveals the soul of things and reconnects us to creation, making us feel part of a whole. By closing your eyes you can hear the breath of the forest and voice of the lake. The prominent features of the project are the master bathroom washbasin and tub, hand-sculpted statuary marble monoliths from the Corpo series designed for Henrytimi.