Tuscany Residence

2012 - 2015
Interior architecture
Tuscany, Italy
Sculpting space

Space finds shape and becomes palpable through elegantly austere geometry shaped by the lightness of air, which carves the lithic masses of architecture and furnishing elements. An archaic balance between past and present, mass and emptiness, solidity and lightness dominates the interiors of this private residence, allowing space to flow freely in a suspended, timeless dimension.

The heart of the project is the day area dominated by mighty stepped travertine walls which create an amphitheatre to a monumental monolithic island with hand-carved doors, again in local travertine.

Nature and the sense of place burst into the project through a monomateric, monochromatic approach: Tuscan travertine for the walls, the flooring and the furnishings, raw earth for the ceilings, natural walnut for the interiors of the furniture. What strikes the observer is the almost visceral bond between the interior settings and the earth which, from a simple projection, becomes materic element, no longer a symbol, but rather substance, which embraces the entire project. It is to be found in the raw travertine, in the hand carved details and in the clay plaster covering the ceilings with its chromatic and material qualities.

At the same time, the fact that technological devices such as taps, switches and lighting equipment are nowhere to be seen, reflects a desire to purify space, bringing it back to a primordial condition in which the spiritual value of emptiness, the infinite poetry of light, the strength of materials and the power of natural elements can be rediscovered.