2010 - 2013
Sculptural vase
Natural stone, glass, water
Edited by henrytimi
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Water and earth, sources of life. The shape of the vase crumbles and becomes body, mass, pure matter. No longer a container but rather content. No longer a symbol, constraint or wall but rather substance and nourishment.

Our infinite presumption leads us to think that the vase is the most important thing, and we are satisfied with its shape, its exteriority. But this is not the case. Flowers feed and live thanks to the water and earth they contain.

My work then becomes an act of reverence. An act devoted to freeing the vital force of these elements, and making them visible.

A powerful and unstoppable flow that pierces shape and shatters matter in search of light. An open wound that runs through the body, and from which life is born.