Aere perennius

2009 - 2014
Tailored cabinet system
Lost-wax cast bronze, wood
Edited by henrytimi
Aere perennius

Longer lasting than bronze. In ancient times people thought bronze was the measure of the eternal. They made bodies in bronze to defeat time and project their deeds towards eternity.

The technique of fusion, that has remained unchanged for thousands of years, preserves mystical traces which lead back to the divine act of creation. Molten metal becomes primitive lava, blood, substance able to give shape and body to man’s desire for immortality.

A wall erected in bronze blocks aspires to the eternal. Rigorous geometry marks containment and expresses both the power of matter and ancestral value in its quiet abstraction and sculptural presence.

No longer industrial skin but substance, a heavy mass dug into the earth and forged by fire. From everyday objects to immortal works capable of transmitting the archaic strength of the elements and setting eternity in primordial shapes. Imperishable, time-defying monuments. Exegi monumentum aere perennius.