Anima liquida

2009 - 2021
Basins and bathtub collection
Natural stone, water
Edited by Antoniolupi
Being water once again

As nourishment through the body, water carves stone bringing life.

A reflection on water and man, which takes us right back to the origins of life, to remind us of what we are made of. A work to free water from the yoke of technology and from the thousand artefacts that determine its performance, witnesses to the blind human ambition to dominate the elements. An action taken to recover the primordial value of water, to stir the consciences and return the daily ritual of cleansing to its ancestral value.

Because water is pleasure and fear, enemy and friend, it is boundary and infinity, it is change and timelessness, memory and oblivion, it is music and poetry. Beginning and end.

Traditional tap disappears integrated into a pure, silent shape. Its function becomes abstract, intangible, succumbing to the force of matter. The washbasin, carved into the rock, becomes an ancestral source, a mighty stone column firmly anchored to the ground that refers to the archetype of the baptismal font. An abstract, sculptural form in which the echo of our existence reverberates.