Vuoto pieno

2013 - 2014
temporary architecture
salone del mobile, Milan, italy
Designed for Mk cucine
The fullness of emptiness

Emptiness it is space, breath, immensity. It is not an absence or lack, but rather a pause, a moment for reflection and calm in which to transcend the prevailing materialism to leave room for one's interiority.

An architectural installation was proposed as an alternative to a classical exhibition project, in which the constructed masses reveal emptiness as a mass of air. A pure space, devoted to contemplation, in which architectural elements are interpreted as abstract bodies, neutral volumes and monochromatic wings that enhance the quality and unique features of the products on display.

The aim of the project was to express the spiritual value of emptiness through matter to affirm that it is not simply a mere negation of fullness, but rather an entity which exists on its own, and is synonymous with possibility, opening and freedom.

The heart of the installation is the vuoto-pieno monolithic island. An altar carved out of stone that encases the primary functions of the kitchen. Solidity and lightness, mass and emptiness cohabit in a timeless archetypal form which discretely contains all the technical and operational elements. Empty and full coexist in an abstract, sculptural geometry in which the heavy mass perceived outwardly is reflected in the emptiness created internally and hides all functions from sight.